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The Arts


The Poatina Arts Colony is a group of artists and creative people from all over the globe who come to live and carry on their work together in the unique and inspiring context of the Poatina village community in Tasmania, Australia.
The aim is for each individual to develop artistic work and skill whilst growing emotionally, socially and spiritually as people seeking to serve the community through their creative work.

Disciplines / Facilities

Poatina_GROUP PHOTO-1All disciplines, including visual and performing arts are welcome and a development project is currently underway to create purpose built facilities for the colony in the inspiring natural setting of the new southern part of Poatina.

The new site enjoys 360 degrees of bush, mountain and valley views, the first building was erected in 2011. The design for the new space utilizes a newly renovated and outfitted aircraft hangar, including provision for mezzanine studio spaces as well as multi-purpose workshop facilities which will incorporate the recently established Poatina Hot Glass Studio. Longer term plans look forward to expanded studio and workshop facilities catering for all the arts, including a sound recording studio, textiles workshop and more.

A range of existing facilities may be utilised by members to produce their work. These include the original village hall with its 1950’s stage and auditorium for performing arts, the recently upgraded Fusion Media video and audio production studio, and the Poatina Industries Metal Workshop.  Visual artists currently utilize a small studio space nestled inside Poatina’s village green complex, adjacent to the Piggi-Billa Art Gallery. The studio is a multi-purpose space and contains kilns and other equipment for works in ceramic and glass. Also within the village green complex is the provision of Poatina Picture Framing, offering artists professional and economical framing, as well as the chance to frame their own work.

Artist in Residence Program

The Arts Colony’s AIR (Artist in Residence) Programme presents an exciting opportunity to become part of the arts colony for a specified period. Proposals are received year round from artists of all kinds outlining their intentions in regard to the creation of new work and the exploration of new areas of growth.

Successful applicants may commit to stay from one week up to two years, depending on the nature of their proposal. For more information contact artscolony@fusion.org.au

Drama Group
The Poatina Drama Group formed in October 2006 as a community theater group dedicated to improving theater skills and increasing confidence in performance for members of the local community and for Fusion at large.  The group meets weekly to conduct training activities and is also involved in the January Summer School of Arts at Poatina, developing short skits for street performances and festivals, as well as larger productions in connection with other community and professional theater organizations.

Faith and the Arts Summer School

The Faith and the Arts Summer School is a practical week-long residential program that offers the chance to focus on a variety of creative arts.

It also explores the artist’s relationship with God, themselves, and others through teaching, worship and sharing in the unique and picturesque setting of the Poatina Christian community in Tasmania’s heartland.

The Summer School is suitable for any adult or mature teenager who is wanting to explore their creativity in the context of their relationship with God and others, with a view to ultimately becoming more equipped to serve God through their artistic expression. Committed Christians as well as those exploring the Christian faith are welcome, and whilst artistic experience is helpful, it is not required for most electives.  Click here for more information: http://faithandthearts.com.au/

More information and latest news on new developments very soon: Come back soon.

Glass Workshop

New Arts Center Opening this year

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