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Do you have a part in the next chapter of this remarkable story?

A village that has the whole world talking.

In 1995 Channel Nine News, Today Tonight, A Current Affair and the 7:30 Report all did feature stories on the purchase of the former Hydro-Electric village, Poatina, by Fusion Australia. Initially suspicious, they came away inspired, and at least one senior reporter offered to help with the dream personally.

Fifteen years later, Fusion Australia is now Fusion International and based in 17 countries, and Poatina has become internationally renowned.

What started as a ghost town is now a hub of activity.

What started as a dream is now a reality, that becomes clear as you sit beside the fire in the lounge of the Chalet, part of the Golden Chain group, enjoying the hospitality, perhaps eating a trout you caught in the nearby Great Lakes, or having had a game of golf or tennis, or a swim in the pool; watching the local kids having a ball.

The dream of Poatina, however is beginning a new chapter, a chapter of growth and development.

You may have reached a point where your family has grown up, having reached many of your life goals, and  be asking yourself, “What more do I want to do with my life while I have the energy and strength to make a difference?

Fusion Australia is looking for people ready to engage with a host of opportunities in Poatina, a village that now has the world talking.

What is Poatina Village?

Poatina is 45 minutes from Launceston, at the foot of the Great Western Tiers in central Tasmania.

What won’t be visible, as you walk around, is the lives of countless “at-risk” young people who have been transformed by the vocational training they have received from this remarkable community of people who have come to the village for the specific purpose of helping young people and together reflecting  “The way life was meant to be.”

It is the international headquarters for Fusion and here a range of accredited training is offered from Cert IV through to Advanced Diploma in Youth and Community Work (Christian).  Thousands of people have had their lives transformed through the training and the village and it has jettisoned people in mission across Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas…for these people Poatina is “home”, a source of encouragement and hope as they engage in mission in some of the most difficult frontiers.

Poatina  is the home of an Arts Community with skilled musicians, dancers , actors, visual artists, glass artists and Tasmania’s only hot glass studio.  At thegeographic centre of the state, it is a hub for fishermen and groups from across Tasmania for conferences and holidays.  It has a school that caters for Kindergarten through to Year 12.

Would you find a place in Poatina, or know of someone who would?

Some of the areas we have openings are:

  • Cooking staff for the Poatina Chalet
  • Manager for local milkbar
  • Administration, reception, bookkeeper, accounting staff
  • Trades people
  • A mechanic for the service station
  • Maintenance people / “handymen” (or women) for the grounds, building maintenance & equipment
  • Artist in Residence

The primary qualification is willingness to serve as part of a team with a common purpose.

While Fusion is a faith organization there are some income and accommodation options offering a sustainable lifestyle, give us a call and have a chat if you are interested.

Contact Details

Enquiries to Michael Cleary 0412 904 472 or Poatina office 03 6397 8280

2 responses

  1. Andy Braun

    Looking good. Well done.

    January 25, 2011 at 4:38 am

  2. Barbara E. Evans (Mrs)

    Wonderful to locate this interesting and well-presented page, and to be able to identify with the contents because of our recent holiday in the Village. Thank you!

    April 17, 2013 at 10:21 am

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