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Alethea Mountain Retreat Arts Centre – powering on!

Over the next few weeks, its all systems go with work on the Alethea Mountain Retreat Arts Centre.

This week the walls are going up, and before too long the windows will be in place! It is very exciting seeing it come together – after seven years of planing and work!

Hats off to the small team of builders who are working many hours to reach their goals!

If you know of any builders who would love to give a hand, particularly over the next few weeks, we would love to hear from you. Give us a call on: 0402 314 816.

“We are not called by God to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things with extraordinary love. ”
Jean Vanier

New Poatina Arts web site

The Poatina Arts community are pleased to announce the arrival of their new web site.

Enjoy loads of pics and information, including information about the up and coming Faith and the Arts course in January.

Lots to check out!

click here to link to the new site.

‘Heart Fm’ helped MITRE 10 – Longford, celebrate its Grand Opening.

Last Saturday nine Heart FM volunteers hosted an outside broadcast at Longford Mitre 10’s grand opening.

Heart FM is the Northern Midlands only community radio and enjoys a local weekly audience of over 2,500 listeners. We supported this grand opening in response to Mitre 10’s commitment to local community.  They support several community projects (including Heart FM) and have created employment for 13 people in the Northern Midlands.

We partnered the broadcast with a fundraiser for Compassion Australia’s east African famine relief appeal and Mitre 10 donated $1200.

Heart FM started in Poatina as a production studio with a narrow cast license with a range of only a few kilometers and was originally established to help at risk young people attain self-confidence, team work, and radio broadcasting skills.  We received our license in 2001 to broadcast to the whole of the Northern Midlands on 95.7 FM.

“With nearly 50 volunteers involved in 2011, Heart FM aspires to be a place where our listeners can serve their community, bring together needs and resources, make lasting connections, and bring hope to others.”

“He who loves community destroys community; he who loves the brethren builds community.” Jean Vanier

Motel in full swing!

As daylight savings ended and April turned up, the Poatina Chalet was packed with probably the largest contingent of guests it has ever had, aside from special conferences.

The Backpackers was alive with young people here from France, Hong Kong, Taiwan – picking broccoli!  The Motel was booked solid with people who were guests at a wedding on the Poatina Golf Course.  The Mt Chalets were booked by New Zealanders who are here for 4 months working on the refurbishing of the Penstock Pipe from the Poatina Power Station.

It was a remarkable weekend.  Staff flat out.  We are delighted with a Bain Marie, which allows us to serve the workmen rapidly and is a great addition to restaurant dining.

Looking through the visitors book it’s great to see in the last page of entries comments like,

“Amazing place. Lovely staff – great food. Thank you. ” Vancouver.

Another wrote, “Absolutely wonderful. Excellent meal and hospitality.”

And another from the Northern Territory, “A wonderful place made special by its people.”

We are so thankful for volunteers who have come in to lend a hand and the invitation is out there for anyone else who would like to be a part of this adventure to join us.

“The mission of community is to give life to others, that is to transmit new hope and new meaning to them.  Mission is revealing to others their fundamental beauty, value and importance in the universe, their capacity to love, to grow and to do beautiful things and to meet God.”

Jean Vanier


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