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Sunday meals @ the Chalet

Poatina has been treated lately with a wonderful team who regularily ‘cook up a storm’ at the Chalet for Sunday lunch each week.

Here is the menu for tomorrow, if you live out of town, its well worth the drive!


Sunday in the Chalet

  Roast Pork and vegetables

All Day Breakfasts

Asian style chicken salad

 A variety of wraps, sandwiches and cookies



For more information contact: Jo Ireson

Poatina Chalet

Phone: 03 6397 8290

Email: poatina_chalet@fusion.org.au

Jazz at the Chalet, Sunday 7pm

Looking for a relaxing evening,
listening to Jazz?

Spike and Lea Mason will be performing

at the Poatina Chalet

from 7:00-9:00pm

Sunday 27th January

(Just for Australia Day weekend, it will be on Sunday evening, every other weekend they perform on a Saturday evening)

Hot drinks and good company provided. :)


Fusion conference cafe special



Community tea, past present & future

We had a huge gathering at our August Community tea in the Chalet.

The night was filled with lots of wonderful food, fellowship and fun. The newly formed ‘Poatina Patches’ Craft group shared some craft with us. Showing us part of the past, the present and a they had a wonderful activity for the future.

Each resident received a small square of fabric to put their own creative touch to. In a few weeks the group will sew all of them into one large patchwork piece! What a wonderful idea ladies! It will be exciting to see what the final outcome will look like! (stay tuned)

After dessert our local Artist in Resident musician, held a concert in the Chalet lounge, sharing songs she had written and finished off during her four-week stay in the village.

Thank you for your wonderful gift to us!

Curry club does it again!

The Chalet hosted this months Curry Club again, with some wonderful food and live entertainment. A great turn up, with all the meals selling out! It was an awesome night out for those that came along. Proceeds go towards supporting mission.

“That meal was huge, and such amazing flavors, Thanks!”

“Great to have some live entertainment again, just love sitting back and listening.”

“I’ll be back!”

Community tea, with an Olympic theme

On Saturday 28th of July, the Village enjoyed its monthly  community meal together at the Chalet. The theme for the month was ‘The Olympics’.

Each person received a gold medal, (gold cardboard!) that someone else had written a positive award on. Great food, fun and fellowship. The evening also included the wonderful weekly resident Jazz artists, sharing their gifts with us.

“It was a great night, loved the medal idea, and I always enjoy hanging around to listen to the music!”

“It was great to have it in the Chalet, the warm fire, the great music, and was nice to get a medal- Thanks!”

Poatina Chalet’s famous ‘Pizza night’ is on again!

6:00pm Saturday 4th July

$12.00 per person

Also, sit and relax with your coffee, cards, book, friends etc. between 7:00pm – 9:00pm, with music from resident Jazz musicians.

If you would like to book a seat for pizza, contact the Poatina Chalet by Saturday 10am.

Ph 6397 8290

‘Poatina Pantry’ tasting at the Chalet

Poatina Pantry had its first official tasting day at the Chalet last week.

We enjoyed the taste of locally made Tomato Chutney, Lemon Cordial, Sparkling Quince, Beetroot Relish, Tomato Sauce & Quince Jelly & Paste.

The Poatina Pantry is in its early stages of development, but will soon be available for sale and regularly accessible through the new “View Cafe” at the Poatina Chalet.

For more information phone 03 6397 8290

Jazz and relax at ‘The View Cafe’

On a cool night in front of a warm fire at the View Cafe Poatina, we were kept warm and relaxed as our resident Jazz artists shared their music with us.

The evening was the start of many more music treats at the Cafe. Residents and visitors can come and sit by the fire, play cards, knit, read, catch up with friends etc, enjoy the atmosphere, cuppas, snacks and more.

Stay tuned for more information about events like this coming up. :)

Pizza & Art, – a good mix!

On Tuesday 3rd of July the Poatina Chalet Cafe, hosted an Arts Exhibition, showcasing the artworks produced at the recent Artists’ Retreat.

The night began with a full Cafe of people enjoying home-made pizza from our very own kitchen. (Over 40 pizzas were made!). Yummy toppings including, seafood, meat lovers, chicken, vegetarian and more! 

It was a wonderful night of delightful entertainment, art and food.

Thanks to all who gave this special gift for us to enjoy.

We look forward to another Artists’ Retreat Exhibition next year, and more Pizza and Jazz nights in the near future!

Graduation day

On Saturday 30th of June five students graduated from Certificate IV in Youth and Community work (Christian).

We celebrated as a community at the Chalet with a special service, afternoon tea, and concert, followed by tea together in the Community Hall.

Congratulations from the Poatina Community go to all the graduates, and all the best with their journey in further studies.

Artists’ Retreat Exhibtion – Tuesday July 3rd 6:00pm Pizza 7:00 Showcase

On Tuesday the 3rd of July Poatina Artists Retreat will be holding an exhibition at the Poatina Chalet lounge. (Come and enjoy the fruits of the five day retreat if you are in Tassie!) :)

Young performing artist – shares his gift at the Poatina Chalet

On Tuesday the 19th of June, a young resident of the village (who is doing his year 12 studies at Trinity College) performed songs from his album which will be launched later this year.

“A beautiful night of creative talent through music, thank you!”

“He’s got a real gift!”

“Thanks for a great night, I could have listened to you over again!”

This was the beginning of many more creative nights in the Poatina Chalet.

Stay tuned!

Pizza night at the Chalet – A full house!

If you have been to Poatina lately, you may have tasted the amazing delights of our kitchen menu!

One of the favorite dishes, has been Pizza! It has been so much of a favorite, that the Chef has decided to have regular Pizza nights at the Chalet Restaurant!

Our last Pizza night was a full house of residents and visitors enjoying the warm atmosphere and yummy food!

Stay tuned for some very special nights where Pizza and Jazz combine! Very exciting!

More about that VERY soon!

Celebrating our 100th post! – Thank you!

Just to celebrate the 100th post in this blog site we thought we would show you some wonderful treats you can buy at the Chalet Restaurant!

This is our special thanks for dropping by to enjoy the activities of our very special village!

Maybe today as a part of celebrating with us, you can pass this link onto a friend?

Have a great day! from Poatina Village. :)


Quick breakfast !


Come in and take away a coffee and muffin for $7

New Coffee Product Now Available-Oomph!- Tasmanian Gourmet Coffee

Oomph!- Tasmanian Gourmet Coffee

The poatina chalet restaurant/cafe now sells the best of coffee.

Choosing from 2 amazing blends (Java Jo, Tiger bean) Java Jo is the most popular blend which is an award-winning coffee.

The Poatina chalet also sells 250 gram whole beans of Java Jo and Tiger bean for $13.50 per 250 grams, which is excellent for a present or just to take your favorite coffee home to drink.       ( Grinding of beans is also available)

Curry Club supporting mission

The Poatina Curry club had a great night on Saturday 24th.

Thanks to the Poatina Chalet for hosting the event at the Restaurant. It was a wonderful success, some amazing food and great atmosphere! Big thanks to the cooks and all the helpers serving, those preparing and cleaning up.

We look forward to more yummy nights like this over the year ahead! Yay!

March Working bee

The Poatina working bee this month included wood sorting, gardening, furniture shifting. and a bit of cleaning at the chalet. Here is a few pictures of the happenings on Saturday 17th. Including the making of a new smoothie for the Poatina Chalet!

Its on again…Curry Club – this Saturday night 6:00 – 8:00pm

The tasty Curry club is on again Saturday 24th March. (This weekend!) at the Poatina Chalet.
Take away or eat in. Come anytime between 6:00 and 8:00pm
The menu is: Entré: potato fritters  Main: Beef Rendang and Chicken Vindaloo. Desert is Indian pudding
$10.00 adult main
$5:00 child main

Banquet (Entre Main & Dessert)
$14.00 adult
$7.00 child

Entré & dessert
$3:00 adult
$2:00 child

Discounts available for families of 5 and over.

Proceeds go to supporting mission work in India

Finest coffee beans for sale at the Chalet…

Hello to all you coffee drinkers. Now at the Poatina Chalet you can pick up a 1 kg bag of the finest coffee beans for $35 kg.

There are 3 bags for sale at the Poatina Chalet Gordon St. Come in and pick one up today:)

Please see reception for information or service

The goods are at Poatina chalet

The new and improved ways of making and serving your favorite Hot drinks with a hint of skill:)

Plus our new range of cakes,muffins,biscuits and scones all at the Poatina chalet cafe/restaurant

New fruit smoothies coming soon

Mercury article – Keeping the faith

Mercury Saturday Magazine – September 24, 2011

Full house in restaurant!

On Saturday 9th July, the day before the Mid Year Foundations Course began, we hosted an 80th birthday celebration, with over 100 guests! The family gathered from across Tasmania and from NSW for a midday celebration dinner. 

It was a lovely time. The guests loved the warmth in the packed lounge with a wood fire  against the magnificence view of the snow-covered mountains.

The young school student waitresses, in their black and white outfits, worked so professionally serving the meals.  We also had the help of some Diploma students, who headed up the serving of soft drinks, tea and coffee.

The kitchen team worked brilliantly, turning out roast pork and roast beef, followed by homemade Christmas pudding for dessert.

It was a celebration that the family will not quickly forget!

Thanks to all the team from around the village, and others from interstate visiting, helping out for the day! A job well done!

“We are not called by God to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things with extraordinary love.
Jean Vanier


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