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Poatina Permaculture (aka NanaTechnology)

Over the last month in Village Morning Tea, we have been sharing our stories about how we care for Creation in our daily lives.  Here is a selection of some of the simple and complex, small and big, traditional and innovative ideas that came up…

 “Tear used paper in half and make pads of scrap paper.”

 “Walk around the village rather than drive.”

 “I’ve begun keeping paper and tearing it up to put between layers of food scraps in the compost bin.”

 “Solar power – yah!”


“Using baking paper rather than glad wrap or alfoil to wrap sandwiches, since it can be composted and broken down.”

 “Mending socks with holes in them and tearing up t-shirts for rags!”

 “Using the paper off a new tub of mayonnaise to grease biscuit trays.”

 “Using vinegar and bicarb as a cleaner.”

 “Shreading paper and giving it to gardeners.”

 “Renewing my thinking that what I have is enough.”

 “Recycled telephone cable made into baskets; Willow made into furniture and sculptures.”

 “Apple trees planted in enclosure; veggie garden.”

 “Trinity kitchen garden nearing completion!”


“Recycled chook shed – 10 chooks.”

 “Using second-hand timber for structures.”

 “35 year old car still going – LPG.”

 “Bought some local wallaby meat – cheap ($6/kg), tasty and local.”

 “Our backyard is being fenced and possum-proofed so we can steward our little-patch – permaculture forest garden with fruit and nut trees, herbs, veggies and happy ducks!”

 “Drying citrus peel for firelighters.”

 “Wood stove heats our home, cooks our food and heats our hot water.”

 … and last but not least…

 “Cooking disaster buried in the backyard.”

 This initiative was dreamt-up by a group of village residents who have been working on a sustainability plan for Poatina.  Stay tuned for further developments…

One response

  1. Amy

    Go Poatina sustainability! You inspire me to do the same for my backyard – (not burn dinners, but all the other stuff!)

    October 1, 2013 at 12:56 am

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