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spinners and weavers

Last weekend we were visited by some of Tasmania’s most creative spinners and weavers. They set up their wheels and looms and went to work on creating some new pieces with a theme of “recycled”.


There were many beautiful patterns created, using both recycled and new materials,Imageand an open and joyful feel ofImage  encouragement, teaching, and learning.


Some weaves were very open


others were textured


but all were simply beautiful.

The village is already looking forward to these artists returning again next year, and will keep the spirit alive by having our own spinners and weavers group that meets (or at least attempts to meet) each Thursday at 1pm in the chalet.

One response

  1. Rosemary Braun

    Good on you Poatina!

    May 21, 2013 at 2:11 am

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