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The Poatina Arts Centre building got a huge helping hand this week.

A team of builders came from Fusion Home Support in Launceston, & Fusion Western Sydney. They gave of their time and energy for a whole week, giving the building project a major boost!

Some of the work achieved was:

    • The water pipes installed, tested and connected.
    • The building now has 3 ‘chimneys!!  (Flues from the Heat Canopy and Glass Blowing Furnace)
    • Installing some wall framing and lining of lots and lots of walls!
  • Window and ridge flashings done using the boom lift.
    • Electrical switchboard installed and roughing in of wiring completed plus hi bay lights installed
    • Sheet metal cladding was put on the heat canopy.
  • And LOADS more!
  • A huge huge thank you to all the team and the village for its support during this very productive week.

If you would like to find out more about the Arts Centre or support this project in any way.

Email:  artscolony@fusion.org.au
(03) 6397 8264
Phone: (03) 6397 8280
Mobile: 0402 314 816

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