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Arts Center gets a visit from Ian Potter foundation

The Alethea Mountain Retreat Arts Centre received significant funds towards the building project from the Ian Potter Foundation.

Pictured here is some of the Ian Potter team who visited from the mainland earlier this year to see the developments. We had very encouraging feedback about the vision of the project, and its potential in Tasmania, and impact beyond!

“The Ian Potter Foundation makes grants for general charitable purposes in Australia that advance knowledge and benefit the community in the areas of the arts, community well-being, education, environment and conservation, health, medical research and science.”

We wish to convey a huge thanks to the Ian Potter Foundation (and our other supporters) and their contribution towards such an important development, of the Arts in Tasmania, and our village and its future.

To find out more about the Alethea Mountain Retreat Arts Centre  click the link and it will take you to our Poatina Arts web page, where you can see a slide show of the development of the building.

The project is in its final stage, it is so close, and we are so grateful for those that have helped contribute to get us this far! …but it is still in urgent need of significant financial support to get it to its final completion.

If you are interested in supporting this project to help its completion, please phone 0402314 816. Or click on the Donate Now button at the bottom of the Arts web site.

(Make sure you also email artscolony@fusion.org.au with the same information so we can know who has given the support  – thanks!)

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