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Australia day – Celebrating the heros

Hundreds of people came from all over Tasmania to enjoy celebrating Australia Day in our Village yesterday. The streets were lined with cars. Fun, laughter and relaxation was seen everywhere you looked.

The day began with a parade down the main street led by Launceston RSL Pipeband . Followed by Thomas the tank engine and lots of children, teens and adults dressed in Australia day themes. Included in the parade, was a possum, a platypus, a Vegemite jar, an Aussie cricketer, a koala, and even an Australian Royal Flying doctor airplane! People were wheeling the good ‘ol Aussie mowers and a Massy Ferguson tractor reconditioned in Poatina enjoyed a drive on the road! The local fire truck loaded with passengers followed the procession. Lots of smiles and joy!

The opening ceremony began at the Chalet, where local Mayer Kim Polley gave out some Australia Day awards. In the heart of the Aussie spirit, we handed around Akubra hats for donations towards the Flood relief. We raised over $2000!!! Which Dick Adams (Federal Member for Lyons) was presented, to send on behalf of the Northern Midlands community.  We celebrated the heroes of the past, our Indigenous brothers and sisters whom this land belongs, to Simpson and his donkey and to all those currently continuing to help those in need after the floods.

The Annual Southern Cross Wheelbarrow race of course was a highlight of the day, with a number of junior teams and 10 senior teams. Some very brave participants taking the long track through Poatina bush, mud pit, steep hills, rocks and more! This year we had a Poatina “Aussie Backyard Cricket” game.  Sons, Dads, neighbors and all joined in on the fun on the village green! We had a ‘Wombat Boutique’ fashion parade, Karaoke, Hole in one, Paper airplane competitions, Festival activities, and of course the Woman’s gum boot toss! – some very impressive skill seen indeed.

The Poatina Mountain View Restaurant was buzzing with live music and great food, as people enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and view of the Great Western Tiers out the window. An amazing team of people worked hard in the kitchen to serve the whole community! What heroes they were!

The joy on people’s faces and the delight that grew as the day progressed was precious. We are grateful for all those that came together to help to make the day such a special reminder of what the Aussie spirit can do when it celebrates its mates, and gives space for others to be seen and loved.

What an amazing day! Hope you can join us on January 26th 2012!

4 responses

  1. Dave H

    Great blog. Sounds like a fantastic day.

    January 27, 2011 at 6:31 am

  2. Great photos and article – capture some of the great spirit of the day – great to be part of.

    January 27, 2011 at 11:35 am

  3. Barbara Hutton

    Congratulations to all those involved in preparing for this special day. It sounds as though it was a wonderful day.


    January 28, 2011 at 9:12 am

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