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Aha…so you thought it was Spring!

notsowarmYou don’t necessarily have to do anything around here to get a good laugh.

After a rather soggy winter and lacklustre spring, we’re finally feeling some genuine warmth from the sun and are able to believe we may have finally left the cold months behind.

But not before Tassie pulled out one of its typical spring surprises, catching us unawares as we put up our blinds on Nov 10 with a heavy snowfall on the Great Western Tiers.

Not only was it unseasonal, but looking towards the mountain we wondered whether Nature had conspired to laugh at us as we waited in vain for spring to really get going, or whether the mountain was beckoning us with its crazy grin to come and play in the snow.

Certainly grabbed your attention, and with the steady stream of vehicles heading up the mountain during the day, it was obvious many responded to the call.

Poatina Permaculture (aka NanaTechnology)

Over the last month in Village Morning Tea, we have been sharing our stories about how we care for Creation in our daily lives.  Here is a selection of some of the simple and complex, small and big, traditional and innovative ideas that came up…

 “Tear used paper in half and make pads of scrap paper.”

 “Walk around the village rather than drive.”

 “I’ve begun keeping paper and tearing it up to put between layers of food scraps in the compost bin.”

 “Solar power – yah!”


“Using baking paper rather than glad wrap or alfoil to wrap sandwiches, since it can be composted and broken down.”

 “Mending socks with holes in them and tearing up t-shirts for rags!”

 “Using the paper off a new tub of mayonnaise to grease biscuit trays.”

 “Using vinegar and bicarb as a cleaner.”

 “Shreading paper and giving it to gardeners.”

 “Renewing my thinking that what I have is enough.”

 “Recycled telephone cable made into baskets; Willow made into furniture and sculptures.”

 “Apple trees planted in enclosure; veggie garden.”

 “Trinity kitchen garden nearing completion!”


“Recycled chook shed – 10 chooks.”

 “Using second-hand timber for structures.”

 “35 year old car still going – LPG.”

 “Bought some local wallaby meat – cheap ($6/kg), tasty and local.”

 “Our backyard is being fenced and possum-proofed so we can steward our little-patch – permaculture forest garden with fruit and nut trees, herbs, veggies and happy ducks!”

 “Drying citrus peel for firelighters.”

 “Wood stove heats our home, cooks our food and heats our hot water.”

 … and last but not least…

 “Cooking disaster buried in the backyard.”

 This initiative was dreamt-up by a group of village residents who have been working on a sustainability plan for Poatina.  Stay tuned for further developments…

Poatina Arts Podcast

Poatina Arts has recorded it’s first podcast. The podcasts will feature words, music, and interviews of the Artists In Residence who come to spend time in the village to create art and come alive.
Joel McKerrow is the subject of our first interview.

Download it below to listen to the interview and a preview of a new poem from the Wandering Feet album to be released on thursday of this week.

Click here to download the ==> PODCAST

You can then listen to it on your phone, computer etc…

these wandering feet

Our most recent Artists In Residence have created a beautiful album of poetry and music.

Joel and Heidi McKerrow lived and worked with village artists and residents for 6 weeks. During their stay they recorded a CD, and a book, of the poems which will be published by The Poatina Tree and available for purchase and download from Aug 22nd.

joel speaks
The music was penned by local composer Spike Mason and was played by an ensemble including clarinet, viola and guitar.

the band
The album was recorded in Poatina’s own “Studio On The Spur”.

control room
Here is a preview video of one of the tracks.


breakfast with God

This Sunday past, the daily 7am mountaintop morning prayers sun1were a little different.








As the sun broke over the mountain, a fire was lit, and breakfast was cooked and shared.







It was just another example of an accent within the rhythms of life in Poatina.










water for life

Not many people would choose to watch an outdoor dance performance in the freezing rain on a misty night, but that’s exactly what the residents and guests of Poatina did last friday night.
The second Poatina Pop Up Performance, entitled “Water For Life”, a dance performance heralding our reliance on water, was underway…

Hannah in the headlights








Headlights from a 4WD shone toward a table with a vase of flowers…

Vase on table







and one by one the performers moved from the tray of the ute to the table…

Hannah throwing








singing and dancing as they went…

Lea getting pulled








playing music on rain filled plastic water bottles..

Neet getting pulled by group








until they all reached the table and drank the water from the bottles…

The Drink 1








the headlights went off and the applause began…

BTW – if you’d like to taste the cleanest and freshest gravity fed mountain stream water you’ve ever had- come and visit us in Poatina… it’s on tap here throughout the village!

spinners and weavers

Last weekend we were visited by some of Tasmania’s most creative spinners and weavers. They set up their wheels and looms and went to work on creating some new pieces with a theme of “recycled”.


There were many beautiful patterns created, using both recycled and new materials,Imageand an open and joyful feel ofImage  encouragement, teaching, and learning.


Some weaves were very open


others were textured


but all were simply beautiful.

The village is already looking forward to these artists returning again next year, and will keep the spirit alive by having our own spinners and weavers group that meets (or at least attempts to meet) each Thursday at 1pm in the chalet.


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